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Green Bean in a Bottle

Green Bean in a Bottle


Meet the WaterBean

  • Possibly the world’s cleverest water filter
  • The WaterBean easy to use, effective and fits in any bottle you may already own
  • It’s stylish and portable, but the best part is that it is both eco-friendly and can save you a surprising amount of money


A simple swirl of your tap water produces crisp clear mineral water

  • Care

    Not much care is needed. Keep your bottle clean. When you clean your bottle take the WaterBean out and place it in the sun for a quick recharge.

  • Returns

    If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know why and we will refund* your purchase.

    *only applies to product purchased online.

  • Replacement Filters

    For a limited time we are offering free replacement filters.

    All you have to do is mention WaterBean in any online format. We mean any, your Granny's FB page, anything will do.

    Send us the link to your comment, and your shipping address to and we will send you 3 months worth of replacement filters.

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