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Frequently Asked Questions

The WaterBean – A Portable Water Purifier

What is Tourmaline?

We’ve replaced some of the carbon commonly used in water filters with the mineral Tourmaline. Tourmalines healing properties have long been used in Eastern medicine for its remarkable ability to detoxify and create alkaline balanced water.


What is WaterBean™?

WaterBean is a water-purifying stick that fits into ANY water bottle turning tap water into clean drinking water. One WaterBean can save up to 120 water bottles helping the environment and your wallet.

How does WaterBean™ purify my water?

The WaterBean filter contains granulated all-natural activated coconut carbon, just like almost every other filter in the world. We use the best quality carbon available, which is absolutely safe if ingested by accident.  Shaking and swirling the tap water helps activate the filter and cleans the impurities in the water (such as chlorine and other bad taste) and changes tap water to Alkaline Water in a matter of minutes. Check the Alkaline level (pH 8.5) using an easily available pool pH testing kit.

What does Magnesium do for me?

As WaterBean sits in the water it can naturally leach minerals present in the Coconut Carbon. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and an essential mineral playing a key role in many biological processes through its function in enzyme activities. It also creates great tasting mineral water. Up to 70% of people are magnesium deficient according to the World health Organization.

How do I use WaterBean™?

When you first use your WaterBean remember to rinse it twice with tap water. This helps to activate the carbon. Insert the WaterBean into an empty bottle, fill your bottle with water. Shake for about 5 seconds then gently swirl the water to get the cleanest taste. The amount of time you swirl depends on the starting quality of water being used. Trust your taste buds. Swirling the water forces it through the specially designed intake vents and over the carbon filter. The more you swirl the water the cleaner it becomes.

How often do I need to replace the filter?

WaterBean filters last about three months (or up to 60 Liters). This saves you and the earth approximately 120 plastic bottles. Our standard WaterBean comes with a filter already and you can purchase filter packs separately as well.

How do I replace the filters?

Simply pop off the cover plates, replace the old filter bags and snap the cover plates back on. You’ll have another 3 months of brilliant clean and delicious tap water.

How do I keep my WaterBean clean and safe?

Simply by removing your WaterBean every week or so and placing it on a sunny window ledge for a day will both keep WaterBean clean and safe from bacteria and, as a bonus, sunlight helps to reactivate the carbon.

Can I use WaterBean for drinking from rivers and lakes?

WaterBean is not a survival tool for the zombie apocalypse. Do not use WaterBean with untreated water. WaterBean empowers you to take the tappiness out of tap water, reduce your carbon footprint, and drink amazingly healthy alkaline water.

What is the Environmental impact of WaterBean?

Your WaterBean filter can replace 60 liters of bottled water or 120 16 oz. bottles or two large shopping carts full of plastic bottles. WaterBean is manufactured from certified food safe materials and will last as long as you take care of your bean.

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