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Similar start as WaterBean !!

My quest to rid the world of plastic waste was when a charter fishing boat I was on bumped into an enormous tangle of plastic waste in the Japan Sea and briefly got stuck. It was a monster. A big ugly, stinking floating island of plastic garbage. I then fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of terrifying images of truck loads of waste being dumped into rivers in the Amazon, and others, and it is so depressing to see. So I came up with WaterBean and that started my somewhat Quixotic quest to rid the world of rubbish.

JUST was inspired by a young man's quest to do better. While learning to surf, a ten-year-old Jaden Smith saw a plastic bottle floating next to him in the water. Unable to shake the image of plastic polluting the Pacific, he decided to do something. What began as an introduction to the impact humans have on the environment became a Smith family obsession to do good.

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